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Yujian Tang is a Natural Language Processing expert and the creator of PythonAlgos. He’s created over 200 articles about Python, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering.
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Stephen Mallik is a Natural Language Understanding expert with over 20 years of industry experience. He is currently the CTO of Arrivu, the creator of iStory and the pioneer of an autonomous AI algorithm called Instruction Based Learning.
Zenzele Myricks is a self-taught Python developer and Natural Language Processing enthusiast. She is passionate about sharing programming knowledge and allowing all communities to have a voice in Machine Learning. Connect with her on Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Kristen Kehrer is a Machine Learning expert who has built Computer Vision Models to make life easier. She is a Developer Advocate at CometML, the host of The Cool Data Projects Show, and the creator of Data Moves Me.
Connect with her on LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Aishit Dharwal is a Data Scientist who has been working on Data Driven Technologies since the age of 19. He loves to dig into problems and solve them using the power of Data. He is also an Inventor in a patent involving Data Matching using AI.
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Michelangiolo Mazzeschi is a Natural Language Processing Expert and a Data Evangelist at Relevance AI. He is a Top 1000 AI Writer on Medium.
Connect with him on LinkedIn and Medium.
Tonya Sims is a Developer Advocate at Deepgram. She is a former WNBA player and Wisconsin’s Women’s Basketball Hall of Famer turned Pythonista. She uses her Python skills and sports background to create interesting projects in the NLP space.
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